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Inspector Morse (Volume 2)

Inspector Morse (Volume 2) Soundtrack (Barrington Pheloung) - CD cover
Composer: Barrington Pheloung
Released: 1992
Label: Virgin Records (0077778646723)
Type: Television
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Format: CD, Download
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(Most soprano vocals on this album by Janis Kelly)
1. Inspector Morse Theme (ITV Version) (2:30)
2. The Warmer Side of Morse (1:13)
3. Che Faro Senza Eurydice (from 'Orfeo and Eurydice' Composer; Chr. W. von Gluck) (3:54)
4. Gently Sinister Revelation (2:01)
5. Concerto for 2 Mandolini in G (Composer; A. Vivaldi) (12:00)
6. Sad Echoes (2:26)
7. 'Mitradi Quell' Alma Ingrata (from 'Don Giovani' Composer W.A. Mozart) (5:42)
8. Gentle Loving (1:27)
9. Andante from Piano Sonate in D (Composer W.A. Mozart) (5:25)
10. Lewis and Morse (5:30)
11. Chorale 'Er Kenne Mich Mein Huter' (from 'St. Matthew Passion' Composer; J.S. Bach)) (1:15)
12. Morse's Sympathetic Ear (3:12)
13. Excerpt from Adagio ('Quintet in C' Composer; F. Schubert) (4:33)
14. Tenderness (1:13)
15. Terzettino 'Soave Sia il Vento' (from 'Cosi fan Tutte' Composer; W.A. Mozart) (2:44)
16. Morse's Second Chance (4:41)
17. 'Signore, Ascolta' (from 'Turandot' Composer; G. Puccini) (2:47)
18. Inspector Morse Theme (The Full Version) (3:29)

Total duration: 66 minutes
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