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Charade - 50th Anniversary Edition

Charade - 50th Anniversary Edition Soundtrack (Henry Mancini) - CD cover
Composer: Henry Mancini
Release date: 09/16/2014 (Film release: 1963)
Label: Imports
Type: Movie
Format: CD
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1. Charade, Main Title
2. Mégève
3. Latin Snowfall
4. Positive Identification
5. Empty Room
6. Bye Bye Charlie
7. Punch And Judy
8. Mambo Parisienne
9. Orange Tamouré
10. Cat
11. Confide In Me
12. Don't Trust Him
13. Bistro
14. Street (Bistro #2)
15. Hook Fight
16. Fatherly Talk
17. Poor Dead Herman
18. Notre Dame and Drip-Dry Waltz
19. Bâteau Mouche
20. Charade (Choral Version)
21. Gideon Goes Down
22. Carousel Melody
23. Stamps
24. Metro Chase
25. Son Of Metro Chase
26. Game Over
27. True Identity and Finale

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