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Evil On Queen Street

Evil On Queen Street Soundtrack (Steele & Matt Spease) - CD cover
Composer: Steele & Matt Spease
Release date: 03/19/2014 (Film release: 2008)
Label: Dark Night Films Music
Type: Movie
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Format: Download
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1. When I Awake (Explicit), Hollow Earth Conspiracy (5:24)
2. The Miners (Explicit) (0:38)
3. Main Title Theme (Explicit) (2:00)
4. In Mind (Explicit), Terrorzone (2:33)
5. First Murders (Explicit) (0:47)
6. Painkiller (Explicit), Hollow Earth Conspiracy (2:56)
7. Lord Of Wrath (Explicit), Terrorzone (4:01)
8. Rose Brutally Murdered (Explicit) (0:19)
9. Crawl (Explicit), Hollow Earth Conspiracy (3:03)
10. Alexia Meets Her Fate (Explicit) (1:47)
11. Pray For Light (Explicit), Hollow Earth Conspiracy (5:10)
12. There Can Be Only One (Explicit), Hollow Earth Conspiracy (4:09)
13. Gas Station Massacre (Explicit) (2:30)
14. In The Dark, So Afraid (Explicit), Hollow Earth Conspiracy (4:20)
15. Without You, Without Me (Explicit), Hollow Earth Conspiracy (6:20)
16. Self Realization (Explicit), Terrorzone (2:18)
17. Storyline (Explicit), Hollow Earth Conspiracy (12:46)
18. God In Hell (Explicit), Hollow Earth Conspiracy (4:26)
19. Dead Calm (Intro) (Explicit), Terrorzone (2:27)
20. Cry Of An Innocent Man (Explicit), Hollow Earth Conspiracy (5:40)
21. Killing Need (Explicit), Terrorzone (2:21)

Total duration: 75 minutes
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