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Tiny Brains

Tiny Brains Soundtrack (Various Artists) - CD cover
Composer: Various Artists
Release date: 03/14/2014
Label: Spearhead Games
Type: Game soundtrack
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Format: Download
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1. Experiment No 32419273845, Samuel Laflamme (2:33)
2. Don't Lose Your Ball, Samuel Laflamme (2:33)
3. Tiny Brains Theme, Samuel Laflamme (2:53)
4. No Time to Relax!!, Samuel Laflamme (2:50)
5. Problem Solved, Samuel Laflamme (4:13)
6. Trash It!, Samuel Laflamme (2:47)
7. Phase off Experiment, Samuel Laflamme (4:05)
8. Almost Time to Relax, but Not yet!!!, Samuel Laflamme (3:08)
9. Cutie Rodents!, Samuel Laflamme (2:45)
10. Dance Little Rodents!, Samuel Laflamme (3:08)
11. Experiment for the Apocalypse, Samuel Laflamme (3:18)
12. Batteries and Sockets, Nadim Boukhira & David Boily (3:15)
13. Lab Lounge, Samuel Laflamme (1:21)

Total duration: 38 minutes
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