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Ocho Apellidos Vascos

Ocho Apellidos Vascos Soundtrack (Fernando Velázquez) - CD cover
Composer: Fernando Velázquez
Release date: 03/15/2014 (Film release: 2014)
Label: Quartet Records (8436035004447)
Type: Movie
Buy: Quartet Records
Format: CD
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1. Ocho apellidos vascos (1:32)
2. Rafa se enamora (0:58)
3. Rumbo al norte (0:47)
4. Argoitia (0:24)
5. Ya me has hartado (0:56)
6. Koldo (2:06)
7. Manejanta manejando (2:06)
8. ¿Ya sabes dónde vives? (0:40)
9. Pues sí que estaba lejos (2:02)
10. Intento de fuga (0:52)
11. Día de pesca (0:49)
12. Te hubiera montao... (1:50)
13. Koldo enamorado / Despedida en el puerto (0:32)
14. Manejanta descubierta (0:23)
15. No me lo puedo creer (2:07)
16. Segundo intento de fuga (1:31)
17. Manejanta enamorada (3:34)
18. La mañana de la boda (3:07)
19. ¿Aceptas a...? (2:20)
20. Un par de detallitos (3:26)
21. No te marches jamás (3:26)

Total duration: 35 minutes
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The new film score by Fernando Velázquez ( The Impossible, Mama, The Orphanage, Zipi y Zape y el club de la canica is for a romantic comedy directed by Emilio Martínez Lázaro, starring Clara Lago, Dani Rovira, Karra Elejalde and Carmen Machi, about the conflicts of the culture clash when a young Andalusian man falls in love with a Basque girl.

Velázquez provides a fresh score, with themes for the comedy and romantic melodies—far from his horror and adventure scores. The music is performed by the Euskadi Symphony Orchestra under the baton of the composer.
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