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Chaos auf Rezept

Schmidt Soundtrack (Martin Berger-Damm, Christian Hartung) - CD cover
Composer: Martin Berger-Damm Christian Hartung
Release date: 02/13/2014
Label: i2i Musikproduktion
Type: Television
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Format: Download
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1. On the Move (1:00)
2. Wahnsinn (2:28)
3. No Other Way (1:59)
4. For Dreamers (1:25)
5. Longing for You (1:17)
6. What You Don't Know (1:21)
7. Increasing Joy (1:12)
8. On the Right Track (1:31)
9. Out of the Blue (1:40)
10. On the Rooftop (1:27)
11. Flicker of Hope (1:09)
12. Suddenly Simple (0:53)
13. Flying By (1:44)
14. Inexplicably Yours (1:11)
15. Eva's Theme (1:02)
16. For Your Sake (1:16)
17. Recovery (2:51)

Total duration: 25 minutes
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