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A Walk in the Spring Rain

A Walk in the Spring Rain Soundtrack (Elmer Bernstein) - CD cover
Composer: Elmer Bernstein
Released: 2009 (Film release: 1970)
Label: Varèse Sarabande Club (0030209110026)
Type: Movie
Buy: Varèse Sarabande Records
Format: CD
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Limited edition: 1500 copies
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1. Main Title: A Walk In The Spring Rain, Michael Dees (2:29)
2. Restaurant Bossa (3:22)
3. Thoughts (1:16)
4. Snowy Morning (:24)
5. Drive (:34)
6. Woman (:48)
7. Spring (2:42)
8. Red Bud (:48)
9. Confession (1:00)
10. Gatlingburg (2:51)
11. Hoo Ha Cha Cha (1:50)
12. What Blues (1:20)
13. Sleepless (:41)
14. First Kiss (4:06)
15. Country (1:08)
16. Funeral (3:17)
17. Aftermath (2:45)
18. End Title, Michael Dees (2:52)

Total duration: 34 minutes
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Another premiere of an Elmer Bernstein score that many may not know at all! Never released on DVD, A Walk In The Spring Rain (1969) has been unavailable since the VHS era of the mid-nineties. Anthony Quinn and Ingrid Bergman starred in this discreet love story directed by Guy Green A Patch of Blue. Elmer Bernstein contributed the lush and beautiful score along with an original Main and End Title song featuring a lyric by the great Don Black and sung by Michael Dees.

Libby Meredith never knew real love. Until she experienced a once-in-a-lifetime romance that may haunt her forever! Anthony Quinn and Ingrid Bergman are unforgettable as lovers caught up in a passionate affair in the Great Smoky Mountains. While visiting Tennessee with her law professor husband (Fritz Weaver), Libby (Bergman) finds herself drawn irresistibly to a mountain-born handyman, Will Cade (Quinn). The opposite of her intellectual husband, Cade believes that love is the cure for all life’s ills, and sets out to prove it to the repressed Libby. She must decide whether to stay with her unfulfilling marriage – Or give it up for her earthy lover.

It’s hard to believe the list of Elmer Bernstein scores now available and we are so happy to finally add A Walk In The Spring Rain to that list!
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