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The Hallelujah Trail
Masters Film Music

The Hallelujah Trail Soundtrack (Elmer Bernstein) - CD cover
Composer: Elmer Bernstein
Released: 2005 (Film release: 1965)
Label: Varèse Sarabande Club (0019750006439)
Type: Movie
Buy: Colosseum Music Entertainment
Format: CD
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Limited edition: 3000 copies
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1. Hallelujah Trail Orchestra and Chorus (Elmer Bernstein & Ernie Sheldon) (2:31)
2. Overture (3:23)
3. Stand Up, We’ll March To Denver (2:25)
4. The Bath (damaged) (1:45)
5. Stolen Booze (2:34)
6. The Battle Of Whiskey Hills (3:56)
7. The Chase (adapted by Fred Steiner) (2:52)
8. Denver Free Militia Orchestra and Chorus (Elmer Bernstein & Ernie Sheldon) (1:59)
9. Whiskey, Love, And Temperance (3:27)
10. We Will Save (Elmer Bernstein & Ernie Sheldon) (2:12)
11. Which Way Did They Go? (adapted by Fred Steiner) (3:40)
12. Down, Down, Down (2:43)
13. Hallelujah Trail Orchestra and Chorus (Elmer Bernstein & Ernie Sheldon) (2:32)

Total duration: 35 minutes
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Music Composed and Conducted by Elmer Bernstein

Acclaimed Director John Sturges ( The Magnificent Seven, Bad Day At Black Rock, Gunfight At The O.K. Corral) turns the legends of the west upside-down in this rip-roaring western comedy about the year Denver was nearly devastated by a drought – of whiskey – and had to have forty wagonloads imported through very harsh – and very thirsty – territory!

Academy Award winners Burt Lancaster and Martin Landau team with Oscar nominee Lee Remick in this beautifully filmed epic adventure which wins both laughs and thrills (The Hollywood Reporter )! Also starring Jim Hutton, Brian Keith and Donald Pleasence, this irreverent and literally dry look at frontier life is possibly the funniest western ever made (Los Angeles Times)!

Elmer Bernstein`s score is a classic. Enormous in scope, this music is as big as the whole outdoors. Sweeping, exciting and a whole lot of fun, this legend of the west really came out firing for this 1965 satire.

Much as we would love to be offering a deluxe and expanded edition of this wonderful score, it`s just not in the cards for this one. The only known set of masters, beyond the original LP master used here, was irreparably damaged over a decade ago.

This Masters Film Music release of Elmer Bernstein`s vast and panoramic The Hallelujah Trail is not to be missed.

Masters Film Music Limited Edition of 3000 copies
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