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Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman: Arkham Asylum Soundtrack (Nick Arundel, Ron Fish) - CD cover
Composer: Nick Arundel Ron Fish
Release date: 11/14/2013 (Film release: 2009)
Label: WaterTower Music
Type: Game soundtrack
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Format: Download
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1. A Plan Revealed, Nick Arundel (0:54)
2. Enter the Asylum, Nick Arundel (4:40)
3. Joker Escapes, Nick Arundel (1:13)
4. Only Three, Nick Arundel (1:17)
5. Thugs Ambush, Nick Arundel (1:01)
6. Venom Attack, Nick Arundel (1:17)
7. Whiskey Trail, Nick Arundel (1:14)
8. Eddie's Tale, Nick Arundel (1:38)
9. Predator, Nick Arundel (2:22)
10. In the Batcave, Nick Arundel (1:23)
11. Where's Jim?, Nick Arundel (1:29)
12. Batmobile Attack, Nick Arundel (1:31)
13. Bombs Around Gotham, Nick Arundel (1:50)
14. Crackin' Heads, Nick Arundel (3:18)
15. Deserted Corridors, Nick Arundel (1:23)
16. Eternal Glide, Nick Arundel (2:54)
17. Finger Prints, Nick Arundel (1:58)
18. In the Gardens, Nick Arundel (1:46)
19. Garden Predator, Nick Arundel (2:13)
20. Guard Murder, Nick Arundel (0:50)
21. Harley Fights Back, Nick Arundel (2:04)
22. Ivy's Theme, Nick Arundel (0:44)
23. Mr. Zsasz, Nick Arundel (0:42)
24. The Armoury, Nick Arundel (2:14)
25. The Aslyum Cells, Ron Fish Nick Arundel (1:31)
26. Venom Factory, Ron Fish Nick Arundel (1:05)
27. Playful Joker, Ron Fish Nick Arundel (2:01)

Total duration: 46 minutes
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