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The Little Wizard

The Little Wizard Soundtrack (Miguel Cordeiro, Marc Timón Barceló) - CD cover
Composer: Miguel Cordeiro Marc Timón Barceló
Release date: 11/26/2013 (Film release: 2011)
Label: Kronos Records (5055667603250)
MovieScore Media
Type: Movie
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Format: CD, Download
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1. The Little Wizard (Main Theme) (2:43)
2. The Wickedness of Bishop Juan (2:32)
3. Naughty Tricks (1:34)
4. The Vikings Attack (1:32)
5. Destreza: The Northern Girl (2:26)
6. Snow Spell (3:42)
7. The Adventures of Sorcerer Verdial (2:30)
8. Kids Game (1:40)
9. The Best Kept Secret (1:50)
10. Vanesa: The Goose With the Green Scarf (1:42)
11. The Escape (1:20)
12. Sarah’s Poisoned Witchcraft (2:20)
13. Auto-da-fé (3:16)
14. The Trap (1:50)
15. The Final Battle (3:00)
16. Dubidoso’s Mother (2:58)
17. The Strength of the Goldfinches (3:28)
18. The Little Wizard (1:00)

Total duration: 41 minutes
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Nominated for the Jerry Goldsmith Award at the International Film Music Festival in Cordoba as well as the Spanish Film Music Critics Award, the original orchestral score for the Spanish family animation The Little Wizard is a truly outstanding and impressive achievement by up and coming composers Marc Timón Barceló and Miguel Cordeiro. Any fan of big, classical and thematic film music will love this score which features a striking main theme in waltz meter, many exciting action scherzos and an abundance of engaging melodic writing. Purely orchestral with additional choral colours in places, this score deservers an international audience although the film itself has only been released in Spain so far.

The film premiered at the San Sebastian International Film Festival in September and gets its theatrical release in Spain on November 15. Enjoy one of the best film scores of the year!
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