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Music From The X-Files
20th Anniversary Celebration

Music From The X-Files Soundtrack (Mark Snow) - CD cover
Composer: Mark Snow
Release date: 10/02/2013
Label: BSX Records (712187489324)
Type: Movie TV Series/TV film
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Format: CD, Download
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Limited edition: 1000 copies
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The Original Scores To The X Files
1. X Files Suite Part One: Materia Primoris/The X Files Theme, John Beal (10:37)
2. X Files Suite Part Two: Cantus Excio and Lamenta, John Beal (7:55)

The Original Score To The X Files
3. X Files Suite Part Three: Itar/Memoria, John Beal (6:07)
4. X Files Suite Part Four: Fides Fragilis/Exoptare Ex Veritas/Kyrie, John Beal (6:48)
5. The X Files Theme, John Beal (1:50)
6. The Post-Modern Prometheus: Jj's Diner, Dominik Hauser (3:01)
7. This Is Not Happening: Suite, Dominik Hauser (4:26)

8. Dreamland Part (2: S)

The Original Score To The X Files
9. Christmas Carol: Mother Genes, Dominik Hauser (3:16)

The Original Tv Score To The X Files
10. Hollywood A.D.: Dancing Bones, Dominik Hauser (1:38)

11. The Truth Part (2: T)

The Original Score To The X Files
12. Scully's Serenade, Joohyun Park (3:52)

The Original Score To The X Files: Fight the Future
13. Threnody in X, Dominik Hauser (2:22)
14. Facts, Dominik Hauser (2:33)
15. Crater Hug, Dominik Hauser (1:57)

The Original Score To The X Files: I Want to Believe
16. The Trip to D.C., Dominik Hauser (3:42)
17. The Surgery, Dominik Hauser (2:58)
18. Home Again, Dominik Hauser (4:10)

Guitar Demo
19. Theme from The X Files (4:25)

Total duration: 75 minutes
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