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Volgarr the Viking

Volgarr the Viking Soundtrack (Kochun Hu) - CD cover
Composer: Kochun Hu
Release date: 09/26/2013
Label: Kochun Hu
Type: Game soundtrack
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1. Volgarr the Viking (Main Theme) (2:14)
2. In the Land of the Lizards (3:51)
3. The Great Pyramid (0:46)
4. March of the Draugr (4:35)
5. A Drowned City (2:20)
6. Myrmor's Wrath (0:56)
7. Cult of the Serpent / Giant Frickin' Snake! (3:13)
8. Knights of the Sky (2:54)
9. The Spiral Fearcase (3:04)
10. Facing Fafnir (1:23)
11. Gold and Fire (Victory Theme) (0:50)

Total duration: 26 minutes
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