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The Music of Grand Theft Auto V, Vol. 2: The Score

The Music of Grand Theft Auto V, Vol. 2: The Score Soundtrack (The Alchemist, Woody Jackson, Oh No, DJ Shadow) - CD cover
Composer: The Alchemist Woody Jackson Oh No DJ Shadow
Release date: 09/24/2013
Label: Rockstar Games
Type: Game soundtrack
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1. We Were Set Up (3:36)
2. A Legitimate Business Man (3:01)
3. A Haze Of Patriotic Fervor (5:38)
4. Los Santos At Night (1:45)
5. North Yankton Memories (4:08)
6. The Grip (3:14)
7. Mr. Trevor Philips (4:31)
8. A Bit Of An Awkward Situation (4:49)
9. No Happy Endings (5:27)
10. His Mentor (1:29)
11. (Sounds Kind Of) Fruity (4:51)
12. Minor Turbulence (4:40)
13. Chop The Dog (4:17)
14. A Lonely Man (3:37)
15. You Forget A Thousand Things (3:41)
16. Impotent Rage/Am I Being Clear Now? (2:11)
17. Fresh Meat (4:09)
18. Therapy And Other Hobbies (0:58)
19. Rich Man's Plaything (4:12)
20. The Agency Heist (3:27)
21. Hillbilly Crank Dealers' Blues (5:26)
22. Welcome To Los Santos (Outro) (1:13)

Total duration: 80 minutes
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