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Bela Kiss: Prologue
Every Legend Needs New Blood

Bela Kiss: Prologue Soundtrack (Kim Hoss, Tim Nowack, Dino Radosevic) - CD cover
Composer: Kim Hoss Tim Nowack Dino Radosevic
Release date: 11/14/2013 (Film release: 2013)
Label: Mirror Maze
Type: Movie
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1. The Story of Bela Kiss, Pt. 1, Tim Nowack (3:29)
2. A Murder in Our Hotel, Tim Nowack (2:15)
3. The Story of Bela Kiss, Pt. 2, Tim Nowack (3:28)
4. It's Time, Tim Nowack (0:53)
5. The Story of Bela Kiss, Pt. 3, Tim Nowack (2:32)
6. Backroad, Tim Nowack (2:13)
7. The Story of Bela Kiss, Pt. 4, Tim Nowack (3:09)
8. Radio, Dino Radosevic (0:34)
9. The Kiss in the Bathroom, Tim Nowack (1:43)
10. Schubert: Piano Trio Nr. 2, II., Tim Nowack (3:43)
11. Confession, Tim Nowack (1:14)
12. Elevator, Dino Radosevic (1:04)
13. The Door Is Closing, Tim Nowack (1:09)
14. Sometimes Lust Is Stronger, Tim Nowack (2:30)
15. Julia Takes a Shower, Dino Radosevic (2:30)
16. The Plan, Tim Nowack (2:24)
17. What a Terrible Joke, Tim Nowack (3:50)
18. Knocking, Dino Radosevic (1:38)
19. On the Property of Bela Kiss, Tim Nowack (1:45)
20. Who's Watching Whom, Tim Nowack (1:05)
21. Sophie and the Barrels, Tim Nowack (2:31)
22. Darkroom, Dino Radosevic (1:50)
23. Hotel Hoffmann, Tim Nowack (3:35)
24. Good Morning Dear, Tim Nowack (1:23)
25. Through the Keyhole, Tim Nowack (2:31)
26. Coin, Dino Radosevic (0:46)
27. From Darkness, Tim Nowack (1:31)
28. Into Light, Kim Hoss (4:53)
29. What the F Is Going On Here (Bonus Track) (Explicit), Tim Nowack (1:51)
30. The Chase (Bonus Track), Dino Radosevic (1:00)

Total duration: 64 minutes
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