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Vampyr Soundtrack (Year Of No Light) - CD cover
Composer: Year Of No Light
Release date: 10/01/2013 (Film release: 1932)
Label: Déluge Sonique
Type: Movie
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1. Générique (2:10)
2. Courtempierre (4:02)
3. Testament (3:57)
4. Ombres (9:30)
5. Meurtre (2:42)
6. Deuil (4:25)
7. Vampire (1:59)
8. Morsure (3:21)
9. Damnée (4:59)
10. Malédiction (2:45)
11. Exsangue (3:40)
12. Saignée / révélations (4:25)
13. Passages (4:51)
14. Outremonde (Hiérophante) (7:08)
15. Profanation / rédemption (3:35)
16. Orée (Abbesse) (7:24)

Total duration: 70 minutes
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Initially composed to be played as a live soundtrack (like at Roadburn Festival 2011 for example) on Carl Dreyer's 'Vampyr' (silent film from 1932), this long musical piece was finally recorded in february 2012.
The result is not a new YEAR OF NO LIGHT album but a long new track (72 minutes) with YEAR OF NO LIGHT classic heavy riffs mixed with more experimental and drone tunes that can remind us their collaborative records with NADJA or THISQUIETARMY.

The record is a double vinyl including a CD version of the long track to listen to it in an one-time session.

PRESSING INFOS : 1.000 copies (150 on grey vinyl, 150 on white vinyl and 700 on black vinyl)
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