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Heart of Darkness

Heart of Darkness Soundtrack (Bruce Broughton) - CD cover
Composer: Bruce Broughton
Released: 1999
Label: Intrada (0720258708526)
Type: Game soundtrack
Format: CD
Reviewers (8.00/10)
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1. Main Title (1:48)
2. Andy's Mission (4:44)
3. Big Mistake (2:28)
4. Andy's Friend (1:42)
5. Space Island (5:42)
6. Vicious Servant (0:36)
7. Back to the Lair (1:45)
8. Meteor Destroyed (1:52)
9. The Plot (0:53)
10. Andy's Victory (4:51)
11. End Credits (8:20)

Total duration: 34 minutes
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Review of Jason FLZ, submitted at , score: 8/10
In the late 90's a major breakthrough happened for video games, the very first game to have a score recorded by a full orchestra came through. This game was the Heart of Darkness, a platformer that ended up being a critical and financial success. Unfortunately, due to delays, the game was not the first released with a full orchestral score. Despite the delays, however, composer Bruce Broughton managed to provide an fun score.

Generally, some of Bruce Broughton's best work comes when he is in charge of sweeping melodies and clever orchestrations. The opening two tracks to the soundtrack (Main Titles and Andy's Mission) are full of sweeping melodies. The action portions of the score are also heavily reminiscient of Broughton's music for Lost In Space (appropriate considering this was probably written around the same time). Unfortunately, when not thematic, the score does end up slogging around until the final two tracks (Andy's Victory and End Credits.)

As far as orchestral video game scores go, Heart of Darkness is an able bodied effort, especially since it's the first of it's kind. The sweeping themes that appear occasionally through the album are very outstanding, but unfortunately the music doesn't get a whole lot interesting after that. For those who want to see what a Broughton video game score would sound like, pick this treasure up.

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