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Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Splinter Cell: Blacklist Soundtrack (Kaveh Cohen, Mike Zarin) - CD cover
Composer: Kaveh Cohen Mike Zarin
Release date: 08/20/2013
Label: Ubisoft Music
Type: Game soundtrack
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1. Welcome to 4th Echelon, Mike Zarin (1:48)
2. Blacklist Is Live, Mike Zarin (2:34)
3. Militia's Everywhere, Sam, Mike Zarin (1:33)
4. Dude's Name Is Andriy Kobin, Mike Zarin (3:24)
5. Package Is Secure, Mike Zarin (2:27)
6. Contaminated Water, Mike Zarin (2:25)
7. We're Dealing with Pros, Mike Zarin (2:01)
8. Every Man Has His Price, Mike Zarin (2:28)
9. I'm No Different Than You, Mike Zarin (2:52)
10. Let's Just Get Out of Here, Mike Zarin (2:02)
11. Good to Meet You, General, Mike Zarin (3:45)
12. Break a Leg, Briggs, Mike Zarin (3:00)
13. Got Yourself Locked Up?, Mike Zarin (3:34)
14. Navigation Systems Are Down, Mike Zarin (3:13)
15. Tell Me the Opsuit's Not Flammable, Mike Zarin (3:33)
16. This Ends Here, Mike Zarin (2:45)
17. The Complex, Kaveh Cohen (2:05)
18. Hack Initiated, Kaveh Cohen (2:38)
19. Spies vs. Mercs, Kaveh Cohen (2:04)
20. The Collider, Kaveh Cohen (1:58)
21. Death from Above, Kaveh Cohen (2:10)

Total duration: 54 minutes
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