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Hannah Montana: The Movie

Hannah Montana: The Movie Soundtrack (Miley Cyrus, John Debney) - CD cover
Composer: Miley Cyrus John Debney
Released: 2009
Label: Disney Records (0050087133764)
Type: Movie
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Format: CD, Download
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1. You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home, Hannah Montana (3:46)
2. Let's Get Crazy, Hannah Montana (2:37)
3. The Good Life, Hannah Montana (3:00)
4. Everything I Want, Steve Rushton (3:53)
5. Don't Walk Away, Miley Cyrus (2:48)
6. Hoedown Throwdown, Miley Cyrus (3:02)
7. Dream, Miley Cyrus (3:23)
8. The Climb, Miley Cyrus & John Debney (3:57)
9. Butterfly Fly Away, Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus & John Debney (3:10)
10. Backwards (Acoustic), Rascal Flatts (3:25)
11. Back To Tennessee, Billy Ray Cyrus (4:17)
12. Crazier, Taylor Swift (3:13)
13. Bless The Broken Road, Rascal Flatts (3:55)
14. Let's Do This, Hannah Montana (3:34)
15. Spotlight, Hannah Montana (3:08)
16. Game Over, Steve Rushton (3:53)
17. What's Not To Like, Hannah Montana (3:14)
18. The Best of Both Worlds (The 2009 Movie Mix), Hannah Montana (3:08)

Total duration: 61 minutes
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