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Girl Most Likely(Imogene (Girl Most Likely))

Girl Most Likely Soundtrack (Rob Simonsen) - CD cover
Composer: Rob Simonsen
Release date: 08/13/2013
Label: Varèse Sarabande
Type: Movie
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Girl Most Likely Soundtrack (Rob Simonsen) - CD cover Girl Most Likely Soundtrack (Rob Simonsen) - CD Back cover

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1. School Play (0:33)
2. Suicide Letter (1:49)
3. Zelda (1:20)
4. Your Panties Are Showing (0:52)
5. Sheet Fort (1:52)
6. Dad Is Alive? (1:02)
7. Dad Is Alive? (Alternate Version) (1:03)
8. Library Thief (1:28)
9. Jailed (1:32)
10. Ralph's Creation (2:50)
11. Imogene's Family Affliction (1:45)
12. Crying In The Rain (0:48)
13. The Boardwalk (0:55)
14. Lee Offers A Ride (0:53)
15. Going To Dad's House (2:20)
16. How Much Money Do You Need (1:02)
17. I'm Sorry I Ruined Your Life (3:07)
18. Armando Attacks (2:09)
19. It All Works Out In The End (2:22)

Total duration: 29 minutes
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Robert Pulcini and Shari Springer Berman's comedy stars Kristen Wiig as the title character, a quirky, once-promising playwright living in New York who fakes a suicide attempt in order to get the attention of her ex-boyfriend. She winds up in the care of her New Jersey mother (Annette Bening), a widower currently shacked up with an oddball boyfriend (Matt Dillon) who claims to be a CIA agent. Imogene reconnects with her mollusk-obsessed brother, and clashes with a boarder who is living in her old room. However, when she discovers a secret her mother has been keeping from her, she travels back to the Big Apple to confront her past.

This diverse and melodic score is composed by the talented Rob Simonsen ((500) Days Of Summer).


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