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TH3 Pit

TH3 Pit Soundtrack (Furio Valitutti) - CD cover
Composer: Furio Valitutti
Release date: 08/12/2013
Label: Kronos Records
Type: Movie
Buy: Kronos Records
Format: CD
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Limited edition: 300 copies
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1. The Pit (1:48)
2. Wood (2:19)
3. Cinzia (2:11)
4. Reflexes (2:02)
5. Ivan (2:34)
6. Electronic wood (1:47)
7. Interference (1:33)
8. Hikikomori (1:47)
9. Tania (2:04)
10. Cemetery (2:21)
11. Dark wood (1:11)
12. Ivan and Britney (1:22)
13. Suicide (1:56)
14. New day (2:11)
15. I am alive (1:45)
16. Tania and Britney (2:52)
17. Chasing Tania (1:56)
18. Evil wood (3:02)
19. Alone (2:08)
20. Cold case (2:02)
21. Into the Pit (1:21)
22. Fay (4:10)

Total duration: 46 minutes
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The soundtrack for FILIPPO De MASI's feature film directorial debut film TH3 PIT. The music is composed by FURIO VALITUTTI, a name to remember. You will hear a lot more from him in years to come. This CD is a must for lovers of beautiful, eerie music and horror film music. This exciting, scary release is strictly limited to 300 copies. Check the samples on the Catalogue page and order it before it's too late!
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