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The Paradise

The Paradise Soundtrack  (Maurizio Malagnini) - CD cover
Composer: Maurizio Malagnini
Release date: 08/23/2013
Label: Silva Screen Records (0738572142926)
Type: TV Series/TV film
Format: CD
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1. The Paradise Lovebirds
2. The Portrait
3. Children Arrive At The Paradise
4. Impossible Love
5. I Will Ruin You
6. Reception Waltzer
7. Opening The Doors
8. We Will Never Know
9. Denise Is Entering The Paradise
10. Shopgirls
11. Trailer And End Credits
12. I Have Married The Wrong Man
13. Sam Is Innocent
14. Miss Paradise Pink
15. Pauline’s Theme
16. Miss Audrey And Ladieswear
17. Perfume From Morocco
18. Sam Could Lose Everything
19. Audrey And The Baby
20. Denise And Moray
21. Lord Glendenning Owns Everything
22. Miss Audrey Is Unwell
23. The Dark Lake And Jonas
24. Katherine And Moray
25. The Wedding Veil
26. You Are Mine
27. The Hope For Love
28. Denise And Moray Are Falling In Love
29. The Final Kiss

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