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Evidence Soundtrack (Atli Örvarsson) - CD cover
Composer: Atli Örvarsson
Release date: 07/23/2013 (Film release: 2013)
Label: Colosseum (4005939721329)
Varčse Sarabande (0030206721386)
Type: Movie
Format: CD, Download
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Evidence Soundtrack (Atli Örvarsson) - CD cover Evidence Soundtrack (Atli Örvarsson) - CD Back cover

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1. Evidence (4:16)
2. Check The Tape (4:08)
3. The Blowtorch (2:40)
4. Rewind (1:31)
5. I Am God (1:45)
6. Just a Game (2:40)
7. I’ve Been Waiting For You (2:09)
8. No More Video (4:13)
9. That’s Not Our Driver (1:03)
10. Luck Of The Irish (6:09)
11. Finding Fleishman (0:48)
12. Case Closed (2:45)
13. Deleted Scenes (3:12)

Total duration: 37 minutes
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A team of detectives (Stephen Moyer and Radha Mitchell) attempt to piece together what happened at the scene of a brutal massacre using a number of recording devices found at the crime scene. The footage reveals a group of bus passengers who were forced to fight for their lives after they crash in the middle of the desert and a mysterious killer violently murders them one by one.

Composer Atli Örvarsson re-teams with director Olatunde Osunsanmi The Fourth Kind for this tense and gritty horror film.
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