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The Collected Ys MUSIC of Ancient and Modern Times

The Collected Ys MUSIC of Ancient and Modern Times Soundtrack (Falcom Sound Team jdk) - CD cover
Composer: Falcom Sound Team jdk
Release date: 06/19/2013
Label: Falcom
Type: Game soundtrack
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Format: Download
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1. Field of Gale (YsV - Lost Kefin, Kingdom of Sand -) (4:23)
2. Lava Zone - Kissing to Eldeel (Ys IV) (3:42)
3. Subterranean Canal (Ys I & II Chronicles (Ys II)) (3:19)
4. Mighty Obstacle (Ys VI - The Ark of Napishtim -) (4:10)
5. Dreaming (Ys I & II Chronicles (Ys I) (5:38)
6. The Ambition of Duless - Over Drive - (Ys I & II Chronicles (Ys II) / Ys Origin) (4:56)
7. Ice Ridge of Noltia (Ys I & II Chronicles (Ys II)) (4:41)
8. Illburns Ruins (Ys - the Oath in Felghana - (Ys III)) (4:02)
9. The Beginning of Seven - Innocent Primeval Breaker - (Ys Seven) (5:11)
10. Open Your Heart ?Opening? (Ys MSX Versi) (0:54)
11. Fountain of Love ?Town? (Ys MSX Version Game Soundtrack) (0:57)
12. Devil's Step ?Abandoned Mine? (Ys MSX Version Game Soundtrack) (3:11)
13. In the Memory ?Ending? (Ys MSX Version Game Soundtrack) (1:52)
14. Fly With Me ?Staff Roll? (Ys MSX Version Game Soundtrack) (3:22)

Total duration: 50 minutes
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