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La Grande Notte di Ringo

La Grande Notte di Ringo Soundtrack  (Carlo Rustichelli) - CD cover
Composer: Carlo Rustichelli
Release date: 06/25/2013 (Film release: 1966)
Label: Digitmovies (8032628992384)
Type: Movie
Format: CD
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1. La Grande Notte Di Ringo (Seq.1 - Titoli) (2:34)
2. La Grande Notte Di Ringo (Seq.2) (1:30)
3. La Grande Notte Di Ringo (Seq.3) (0:57)
4. La Grande Notte Di Ringo (Seq.4) (2:17)
5. La Grande Notte Di Ringo (Seq.5) (1:06)
6. La Grande Notte Di Ringo (Seq.6) (1:51)
7. La Grande Notte Di Ringo (Seq.7) (1:33)
8. La Grande Notte Di Ringo (Seq.8) (2:27)
9. La Grande Notte Di Ringo (Seq.9) (1:50)
10. La Grande Notte Di Ringo (Seq.10) (3:21)
11. La Grande Notte Di Ringo (Seq.11) (1:56)
12. La Grande Notte Di Ringo (Seq.12) (2:40)
13. La Grande Notte Di Ringo (Seq.13) (1:46)
14. La Grande Notte Di Ringo (Seq.14) (3:07)
15. La Grande Notte Di Ringo (Seq.15 - Finale) (4:02)

Total duration: 32 minutes
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Digitmovies, in collaboration with Gruppo Sugar, continues its long journey among sunny deserts, very bad bandits, saloon babes and heroic gunmen by issuing, for the very first time on CD, the complete OST by Carlo Rustichelli for the Western movie “La grande notte di Ringo” (aka “Ringo’s Big Night”) directed in 1966 by Mario Maffei and starring William Berger, Walter Maestosi, Eduardo Fajardo, Adriana Ambesi, Armando Calvo, Tom Felleghy, Georges Rigaud, José Bodalo. Broken Arm (Maestosi) and Jack (Berger) are held in a cell of Carson City; the latter wants to know what happened with the $ 200,000 that Broken Arm, according to the prosecution of the judge Elian, had stolen, and succeeds in getting to know the names of the members of the band who had hidden the stolen money. Jack escapes and goes to Tombstone disguised as federal agent. Here Jim (Rigaud), the first of the suspected men, tries in vain to kill him, but then he himself is killed. After a series of ambushes and battles, the other accomplices, among them also the sheriff, kill each other, while Jack manages to get from the chief of the gang, the mayor, the sum of $ 200,000. After having hidden it, he goes back to the cell. But Broken Arm, who in fact is the real federal agent, with a trick succeeds in extorting a confession from the mayor of Tombstone and in rescuing the money. Henceforth Jack, named Ringo, will put himself at the service of the law. For this CD, we used the mono master tapes of the original session that allowed us to issue every note recorded of this short, but beautiful OST (33:34). Rustichelli has composed a main theme with an Hispanic flavor that is introduced in the 'Main Title '(Tr. 1) for chorus and orchestra and then resumed (Tr.7), also with electric guitars of a quite lounge character (Tr.4, Tr.12), in Tr.10 and in the 'Finale' (Tr.15). It gets alternated with suspense and mystery music (Tr. 3, Tr, 5, Tr.9, Tr.14) and the inevitable saloon floor dance (Tr.11).
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