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Studio Ghibli Collection

スタジオジブリ作品集 Soundtrack  (Joe Hisaishi, Carl Orrje Piano Ensemble) - CD cover
Composer: Joe Hisaishi
Artist: Carl Orrje Piano Ensemble
Release date: 08/23/2006
Label: BMG Japan (4988017642221)
Type: Movie
Format: CD
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1. Spirited Away: Always With Me (4:06)
2. The Ocean Waves: If I Can Be An Ocean (4:35)
3. Totoro: Stroll (Opening Song) (2:38)
4. Totoro: My Neighbor Totoro (4:05)
5. Laputa Castle In The Sky: Carrying You (3:52)
6. Princess Mononoke (4:05)
7. Kiki's Delivery Service: Been Enveloped By Tenderness (3:59)
8. Nausicaa Of The Valley Of Wind: Symbol Theme Song (3:50)
9. The Cat Returns: Become The Wind (4:04)
10. Porco Rosso: Le Temps Des Cerises (3:13)
11. Porco Rosso: Once In A While, Talk Of The Old Days (4:31)
12. Whisper Of The Heart: Take Me Home, Country Home (4:06)
13. Tombstone For Fireflies: Home Sweet Home (3:28)
14. Howl's Moving Castle: The Promise Of The World (4:09)

Total duration: 54 minutes
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