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No Place On Earth

No Place On Earth Soundtrack (John Piscitello) - CD Back cover
Composer: John Piscitello
Release date: 06/11/2013 (Film release: 2012)
Label: Varèse Sarabande (030206720884)
Type: Movie
Format: Download
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No Place On Earth Soundtrack (John Piscitello) - CD cover No Place On Earth Soundtrack (John Piscitello) - CD Back cover


1. Coming Out (1:37)
2. Stealing Food (1:09)
3. No Place On Earth (2:17)
4. The Return (2:25)
5. World Class Cavers (2:33)
6. Meeting Sol (1:41)
7. Living History (2:30)
8. Gypsum Caves (3:00)
9. Moving Into Verteba (1:53)
10. The Germans Are Here (4:00)
11. Escape From Verteba (3:34)
12. Cemetery (1:37)
13. 9 Years Searching (1:04)
14. The Second Cave (2:43)
15. The Flour Deal (1:57)
16. Chopping Wood (1:23)
17. Back Into Verteba (1:38)
18. Waiting And Shooting (3:47)
19. Buried Alive (1:48)
20. Sleigh (1:14)
21. Horse (1:29)
22. Stealing Flour (1:51)
23. Russians (2:29)
24. So Safe (1:30)

Total duration: 51 minutes
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n 1996, Chris Nicola, an ex-NYC cop and world-renowned cave explorer, makes a discovery deep underground in the largest cave system in the Ukraine. Buttons, shoes, a key and names scrawled on the cave wall, are mute testimonies to what happened here long ago. The story that Nicola has stumbled upon begins in 1942, when Ukrainian authorities, in conjunction with the Nazi occupiers, begin rounding up the Jews for deportation to concentration camps. Encouraged by one mother’s burning wish to save her children, five families defy the soldiers and descend into the eerie cave system outside of their town. It is the beginning of a 544 day odyssey into a dark, damp maze and never-ending night. No Place On Earth recounts the longest recorded underground survival in human history.

Newcomer John Piscitello provides a powerful and poignant orchestral score for this harrowing but touching family drama.
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