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The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code Soundtrack  (Hans Zimmer) - CD cover
Composer: Hans Zimmer
Released: 2006 (Film release: 2006)
Label: Decca Germany (0602498540411)
Type: Movie
Format: CD
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1. Dies Mercurii I Martius (6:03)
2. L'Esprit des Gabriel (2:48)
3. The Paschal Spiral (2:49)
4. Fructus Gravis (2:50)
5. Ad Arcana (6:07)
6. Malleus Maleficarum (2:21)
7. Salvete Virgines (3:16)
8. Daniel's 9th Cipher (9:31)
9. Poisoned Chalice (6:19)
10. The Citrine Cross (5:21)
11. Rose of Arimathea (8:11)
12. Beneath Alrischa (4:23)
13. Chevaliers de Sangreal (4:09)
14. Kyrie for the Magdalene (3:55)

Total duration: 68 minutes
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