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Casino Royale

Casino Royale Soundtrack (David Arnold) - CD cover
Composer: David Arnold
Released: 2006
Label: Sony BMG Music Entertainment (0886970429825)
Sony Classical (0886970236928)
Sony Classical (0886970291125)
Sony Music Japan International (4547366028331)
Type: Movie
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Format: CD, Download
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Casino Royale Soundtrack (David Arnold) - CD cover Casino Royale Soundtrack (David Arnold) - CD cover Casino Royale Soundtrack (David Arnold) - CD cover

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1. African Rundown (6:52)
2. Nothing Sinister (1:27)
3. Unauthorized Access (1:08)
4. Blunt Instrument (2:22)
5. CCTV (1:30)
6. Solange (0:59)
7. Trip Aces (2:06)
8. Miami International (12:43)
9. I'm the Money (0:27)
10. Aston Montenegro (1:03)
11. Dinner Jackets (1:52)
12. The Tell (3:23)
13. Stairwell Fight (4:12)
14. Vesper (1:44)
15. Bond loses it all (3:56)
16. Dirty Martini (3:49)
17. Bond wins it all (4:32)
18. The End of an Aston Martin (1:30)
19. The bad die young (1:18)
20. City of Lovers (3:30)
21. The Switch (5:07)
22. Fall of a house in Venice (1:53)
23. Death of Vesper (2:50)
24. The Bitch is Death (1:05)
25. The Name's Bond... James Bond (2:49)

Total duration: 74 minutes
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World Soundtrack Awards: Best Original Song Written for a Film: "You Know My Name" (Winner)

This soundtrack trailer contains music of:

Casino Royale Trailer Music, Pfeifer Broz. Music (Trailer)

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