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Black Soundtrack (Michael Giacchino, Chris Tilton) - CD cover
Composer: Michael Giacchino Chris Tilton
Released: 2006
Label: E.A.R.S.
Type: Game soundtrack
Listen: iTunes
Format: Download
Reviewers (6.00/10)
Members (6.80/10) (5 votes)
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1. Main Theme (2:25)
2. Treneska Border Crossing (2:16)
3. Tunnel Trouble (3:04)
4. A Bridge Too Close (1:45)
5. Walking Tour of Treneska (1:37)
6. Minefield (1:31)
7. Tivliz Asylum (2:43)
8. Madhouse Mayhem (1:44)
9. Sniper Alley (2:07)
10. Drydock (2:26)
11. Black and Boom (2:27)
12. Ambush (2:31)
13. Gulag Gauntlet (4:24)
14. Bunker Buster (2:27)
15. Main Theme (Reprise) (3:59)

Total duration: 37 minutes
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Review of Andreas Lindahl, submitted at , score: 6/10
Considering the kind of violent non-stop action game that Black is reported to be, Chris Tilton's score for the game is surprisingly restrained. The score is dominated by tension and suspense, with lots of string ostinatos. "Tunnel Trouble", for example, features some excellent, atmospheric writing for strings and flute. At least during the first half of the cue, since the latter builds towards some exciting action music, complete with brass, percussion and staccato strings. The action music is often reminiscent of John Williams 21st Century action music, with lots of syncopated brass and exercises in rythm and odd meters.

The main theme - co-written with Chris Tilton's "mentor" Michael Giacchino - may not be that exciting or catchy, but it's easitly recognizable, and therefore serves its purpose more than well. It usually crops up, now and then, performed by brass over the rest of the orchestra. All in all, Black is a rather cool score, with plenty of detail. However, it's only available as a digital download, either from Apple's iTunes Music Store or Nettwerk Records directly. Not the ultimate solution, perhaps, but certainly better than nothing.

And the fact that the slick looking booklet and cover, available in digital format, is designed by's Ryan Keaveney is also quite cool, of course.

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