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 TengamiTengami (17/04/2014)
Composer: David Wise
Label: Nyamyam
 Victor Young at ParamountVictor Young at Paramount (21/04/2014)
Composer: Victor Young
Label: Kritzerland
Une RencontreRencontre, Une (21/04/2014)
Composer: Various Artists
Label: IDOL - Bethsabée Mucho
 LockeLocke (21/04/2014)
Composer: Dickon Hinchliffe
Label: Universal Music Division
 JoeJoe (22/04/2014)
Composer: David Wingo, Jeff McIlwain
Label: Milan Records
The Amazing Spider-Man 2Amazing Spider-Man 2, The (22/04/2014)
Composer: Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams, Johnny Marr
Label: Columbia
The Quiet OnesQuiet Ones, The (22/04/2014)
Composer: Lucas Vidal
Label: Varèse Sarabande
 Peggle 2Peggle 2 (22/04/2014)
Composer: EA Games Soundtrack
Label: E.A.R.S. (EA TM Recordings)
 Cannibal FeroxCannibal Ferox (28/04/2014)
Composer: Roberto Donati
Label: One Way Static Records
Le Dernier diamantDernier diamant, Le (28/04/2014)
Composer: Renaud Barbier
Label: Sony
A Poet in New YorkPoet in New York, A (28/04/2014)
Composer: Debbie Wiseman
Label: Silva Screen Records
 BrokenBroken (28/04/2014)
Composer: Electric Wave Bureau
Label: Electric Wave Bureau Productions
The Raid 2Raid 2, The (29/04/2014)
Composer: Fajar Yuskemal, Joseph Trapanese, Aria Prayogi
Label: Red General Catalog
 NeighborsNeighbors (29/04/2014)
Composer: Various Artists
Label: Artist Partner Group
 BearsBears (29/04/2014)
Composer: George Fenton
Label: Walt Disney Records
 DuckTales: RemasteredDuckTales: Remastered (29/04/2014)
Composer: Jake Kaufman
Label: Walt Disney Records
 Ti-Koyo e il suo pescecaneTi-Koyo e il suo pescecane (30/04/2014)
Composer: Francesco De Masi
Label: Beat Records
The Music of John Barry - The Definitive CollectionMusic of John Barry - The Definitive Collection, The (05/05/2014)
Composer: The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, John Barry
Label: Silva Screen UK
De Guerre LasseGuerre Lasse, De (05/05/2014)
Composer: Eric Neveux
Label: Unkle Productions
 Flash Gordon Vol.2Flash Gordon Vol.2 (06/05/2014)
Composer: Michael Picton
Label: Perseverance Records
 DoubleDouble (06/05/2014)
Composer: Andrew Hewitt
Label: Milan Records
 Orange Is The New BlackOrange Is The New Black (13/05/2014)
Composer: Various Artists
Label: UMe
 DraculaDracula (13/05/2014)
Composer: Bob Cobert
Label: Varèse Sarabande
 GodzillaGodzilla (13/05/2014)
Composer: Alexandre Desplat
Label: WaterTower Music
 CalvaryCalvary (13/05/2014)
Composer: Patrick Cassidy
Label: Varèse Sarabande
 Fascinating India 3DFascinating India 3D (16/05/2014)
Composer: Davinia Leonne
Label: Busch Media Group (Alive)
The Fault In Our StarsFault In Our Stars, The (19/05/2014)
Composer: Various Artists
Label: Atlantic Records
 Sophia Grace & Rosie's Royal AdventureSophia Grace & Rosie's Royal Adventure (20/05/2014)
Composer: Various Artists
Label: WaterTower Music
 MaleficentMaleficent (27/05/2014)
Composer: James Newton Howard
Label: Disney
 Guardians of the GalaxyGuardians of the Galaxy (29/07/2014)
Composer: Tyler Bates
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