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The Lone Ranger & Tinker Bell


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2 new Intrada releases!! Intrada releases 2 Disney scores this week, Hans Zimmer's The Lone Ranger and Joel McNeely's Tinker Bell.

For one of Disney's most anticipated films of the summer, Zimmer provided an exciting, epic score that elevates the broad outdoor scope of the film to a higher level. As per Zimmer's usual style, the music has been assembled into lengthy tracks to make the listening experience an epic of its own. Zimmer accompanies with charged, action-oriented score with abundance of kinetic rhythms, pulsating ostinatos. Melody plays large roll as well, while solo violin allows darker, reflective moments to have their say. Lengthy 'Finale' affords Rossini chestnut William Tell Overture to sound off, upon which Zimmer builds dynamic variants of his own thematic elements around familiar Rossini strains. Dynamite piece is a tour-de-force of arrangement melding with composition, with non-stop driving rhythms name of the game! Some of Zimmer's richest, most energetic writing on display.

Track list

01. Never Take Off The Mask
02. Absurdity Hear This Track
03. Silver
04. Ride Hear This Track
05. You've Looked Better
06. Red's Theatre Of The Absurd Performed By Pokey Larfarge And The South City Three
07. The Railroad Waits For No One Hear This Track
08. You're Just A Man In A Mask Hear This Track
09. For God And For Country Hear This Track
10. Finale Hear This Track
11. Home

World premiere release of Joel McNeely soundtrack for Walt Disney 2008 animated feature. One of Disney's most beloved characters inspires composer to create magical, playful orchestral score replete with yearning ideas for lost collectibles, lyrical melodies for Tinker Bell, musical wisps for Pixie Hollow, much more. Exotic colors abound. It is a score that literally sparkles with delight. Celtic sounds, birds, crickets, drops of water, all are captured in skillful meld of gently dramatic, hauntingly beautiful musical vignettes. Highlights are plentiful but surely deserving spotlight is 'Choosing A Talent' with rich major to minor chords that crescendo into powerful, massive orchestra/choral peroration. Breathtaking! Capturing attention in action mode is powerful 'Hawk!', with heroic moment for French horn, trumpet. 'Sprinting Thistles' commands as well. For sheer exuberant splendor, listen no further than to 'Rebuilding Spring'. McNeely shines! And yes, you also get that soaring vocal 'Fly To Your Heart' as well. Beautifully packaged, illustrated booklet graces Disney/Intrada co-brand CD. Joel McNeely conducts.

Track list

01. Prologue
02. Lorena McKennitt - To the Fairies They Draw Near Hear This Track
03. A Child's Laughter / Flight to Pixie Hollow Hear This Track
04. Choosing a Talent Hear This Track
05. Tink Tours Pixie Hollow
06. Welcome to Tinker's Nook
07. Tinker Bell s New Home
08. Tink Meets the Other Fairies
09. The Lost Things Theme Hear This Track
10. Tink Meets Vidia and Finds Lost Things Hear This Track
11. Tinkering
12. Your Place is Here
13. Making Things
14. Tink Tries to be a Light Fairy Hear This Track
15. Teaching a Baby Bird to Fly
16. Hawk! Hear This Track
17. Tink Finds the Magic Box
18. Searching for Answers
19. Sprinting Thistles Hear This Track
20. Tink Feels Lost
21. Spring is Ruined
22. Rebuilding Spring Hear This Track
23. The Music Box Restored
24. Lorena McKennitt - To the Fairies They Draw Near Part 2
25. Tink Meets Wendy
26. Selena Gomez - Fly to Your Heart Hear This Track

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