RCA Victor (035626035327)
Musical | Fecha de lanzamiento: 1991 | Medio: CD


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# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
2.Oil!The people of Centavo City1:20
3.Hey, Look me over!Lucille Ball & Paula Stewart2:10
4.WildcatLucille Ball2:20
5.You've come homeKeith Andes1:44
6.That's what I want for JanieLucille Ball2:39
7.What takes my fancyLucille Ball & Don Tomkins3:19
8.You're a liar!Lucille Ball & Keith Andes2:56
9.One day we danceClifford David & Paula Stewart3:01
10.Give a little WhistleLucille Ball & Keith Andes4:17
11.Tail hopeBill Walker, Swen Swenson, Ray Mason, Charles Braswell and the crew4:47
12.Tippy, Tippy ToesLucille Ball & Edith King2:15
13.El SombreroLucille Ball, Al Lanti & Swen Swenson3:35
14.Corduroy RoadKeith Andes & the crew3:36
15.FinaleEntire Company1:23
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