Animals United

Película | Fecha de estreno: 24/01/2012 | Estreno de película: 2010 | Medio: CD
Perseverance Records (0827034004527)


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# Pista   Duración
1.Animal Paradise1:54
2.Golfing With Caca1:35
3.Billy The Scatter Brain1:08
4.Drumming For Water2:33
5.Russian Ship0:30
6.Oil Spill0:40
7.The Fire0:40
8.Toby Meets Smiley1:35
9.Charles For Lunch0:15
10.Charles Escapes Being Dinner0:43
11.The Plan0:41
12.Tree Of Life2:19
13.Charles Lays Out His Plan1:04
14.Billy Walks0:19
15.Waterhole Standoff3:01
16.The Rhinos Approach Billy0:17
17.No Water2:15
18.Billy and Socrates1:08
19.Valley Of Death1:01
20.Billy Walks Through the Valley of Death0:45
21.The Panther Chases Billy1:19
22.The Animals Meet Up0:42
23.Socrates Tells His Story3:13
24.The Dam1:37
25.Dam Water0:34
26.Ice Water0:26
28.Billy Gets Chased By Hunter1:47
29.Billy Slides Through the Water Tube0:29
30.TV Groove0:46
31.Dam Floods Gates1:38
32.Hunter in Car1:17
33.Water Shortage3:18
34.Let's Find Angie1:04
35.Charlie Talks With Angie0:30
36.The Great Horn0:28
37.Conference in Two Hours0:34
38.Tales Of The Humans5:46
39.Animals March1:02
40.The Black Panther0:52
41.It's Showtime2:16
42.Animals Untied Part 13:36
43.Animals United Part 21:47
45.Dam Break0:52
46.Animals In New York2:19
Bonus Tracks
47.The Animals Drum Down Wall1:23
48.The Fire Band0:36
49.Monkey Jazz0:33
50.Animals Techno1:15
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