Serie de TV/Telefilme | Fecha de estreno: 20/09/2011 | Medio: CD, Descarga
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# Pista   Duración
1.Primeval Theme3:22
3.Cretaceous Sea1:51
4.Silurian Scorpions2:07
5.Into the Late Permian2:01
6.Columbian Mammoth2:33
7.The Mystery of the Anomalies1:31
8.Chasing a Silurian Millipede1:54
9.Coming Home2:00
10.Connor and Abby at the Hospital1:38
11.Gorgonopsid vs Future Predator3:18
12.Stay With Me2:36
14.Tom Dies3:29
16.Smilodon Attack2:09
17.Raptors at the Shopping Mall3:42
20.Carnivorous Worms4:36
21.Val Revealed3:28
22.Back to the Cretaceous4:12
23.Sabretooth Battle3:21
24.Jenny Lewis2:19
27.Helen Where Are You?1:20
28.The Merqueen3:38
29.Primeval Titles0:39
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