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Película | Fecha de lanzamiento: 2009 | Medio: CD


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# Pista   Duración
1.You Don’t Dream In Cryo6:10
2.Quaritch Speech1:53
3.First Look1:44
6.Avatar Legs0:48
7.Jake Enters His Avatar World5:56
8.Into the Na’Vi World (cd mix)1:32
9.Into the Na’Vi World0:55
10.Unused Orig Demo1:47
11.Unused Redo1:37
13.Thanator Chase2:08
15.Pure Spirits of The Forest (cd mix)8:49
16.Pure Spirits of The Forest4:12
18.Jake Meets the Na’Vi10:50
19.Na’Vi Hometree Chants0:43
21.Sleep (Less Tinkly)1:00
23.The Bioluminescence Of The Night (not used)3:37
# Pista   Duración
1.The Plan1:26
3.The Floating Mountains Pt. 11:50
4.The Floating Mountains Pt. 2a0:55
5.The Floating Mountains Pt. 2b0:39
6.The Floating Mountains Pt. 32:42
7.Becoming One of The People (cd mix)7:43
8.Becoming One of The People3:16
9.Lessons 11:58
10.Vocal Version3:19
12.(used instead of 6m1)1:05
13.Climbing Up Iknimaya5:53
14.Climbing Up Iknimaya (cd mix)3:18
15.Climbing Up Iknimaya (Alt)3:06
16.Flight of the Banshee (orig pts 1 & 2)7:17
17.Filmend (orig ending)0:50
18.Jake Flies His Banshee3:53
19.Jake Gets His Banshee3:34
20.The Hunt1:21
# Pista   Duración
2.A Man of My Word1:11
3.Jake & Neytiri (unused)5:02
4.Mated For Life4:35
5.Scorched Earth (alt)3:39
6.Scorched Earth3:37
7.Scorched Earth (alt)3:39
8.Quaritch Pulls Plug3:47
9.No Reasoning3:14
10.The Skypeople Are Coming5:11
11.Hometree Destruction (cd mix)6:47
12.Hometree Destruction (End Choir Alt)2:53
13.Hometree Destruction (Pickup)7:35
14.Long End P-U1:23
15.Shutting Down Grace’s Lab2:54
16.With Ethnic Voice2:54
17.The Escape (Film Version)3:25
18.The Escape3:24
19.Quaritch (not used)5:01
# Pista   Duración
1.Help for Grace (Extra Percussion)2:26
2.Help for Grace2:44
3.Bonding With Leonoptryx (Child)1:37
4.Bonding With Leonoptryx1:39
5.Funeral Chant (Sweetener)0:35
6.Funeral Chant0:33
7.Prayers for Grace (alt)2:55
8.Prayers for Grace2:55
9.Grace’s Death (Percussion)2:55
10.Grace’s Death2:20
11.Gathering the Na’Vi Clans5:14
12.Quaritch Takes Over1:34
14.Battle Plan1:21
15.Jake Prays to Eywa (alt)1:51
16.Jake Prays to Eywa2:02
17.War (alt end)9:19
# Pista   Duración
1.The Battle Continues3:17
3.Quaritch Down (Alt Open)5:09
4.Quaritch Down4:56
5.Fight to the Death (Insert)1:11
6.Fight to the Death (Original Start Only)0:24
7.Fight to the Death5:31
8.A New Beginning3:32
9.Eyes Open1:14
10.I See You (Theme From Avatar)4:20
11.Jake’s First Flight End Credit Edit1:59
12.Gathering The Na’Vi Clans End Credit Edit1:33
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El tráiler del soundtrack contiene música de:

The Island (2005) (Pista 14. My Name is Lincoln) (Película)
Chronicles (2012) (Pista 3. Akkadian Empire) (Película)
Chronicles (2012) (Pista 1. Guardians At The Gate) (Película)

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