The Black Stallion

Película | Fecha de estreno: 17/06/2009 | Estreno de película: 1979 | Medio: CD
Edición limitada: 1500 copias


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# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
CD1 - Part 1 - The Island
1.Theme From The Black Stallion3:30
2.Main Title1:17
3.One The Deck2:22
4.Horse Statue I/Fire On Deck [Unused Cue]0:47
5.The Island3:24
6.Nightfall Transition [Unused Cue]1:05
7.Fishing/Magnificent Horse2:16
8.Snake/Snake Tag2:02
9.Cobra Death [Unused Cue]0:29
10.The Black Stallion/Fire & The Legend1:53
11.Fire & The Legend [Alternate Version - Unused Cue]1:13
12.First Feeding/Seaweed In Hand [Unused Cue]/Tag In The Afternoon7:42
13.Castaways [Unused Cue]Shirley Walker, Piano3:27
14.Underwater Ballet [Unused Cue]1:30
15.Underwater Ballet [Alternate Version - Unused Cue]1:29
16.Underwater Ballet [Film Version] The Ride3:51
17.The Ride [Original Version - Unused Cue]2:31
18.Nightfall [Original Version - Unused Cue]/Nightfall2:00
19.The Rescue [Original Version - Unused Cue]4:07
20.The Rescue4:06
# Pista   Duración
CD2 - Part 1 - The Race
1.Ode To Alec Ramsey0:51
3.Runaway [Original Version - Unused Cue]1:34
5.Training I1:03
6.Training I [Unused Cue]1:03
7.Henry’s Place/Car Ride2:42
8.Secret Room1:18
9.Training II [Original Version - Unused Version]4:41
10.Training II1:07
12.Training III0:51
13.First Sneak2:55
14.Bloody Hand/Dad’s Glove6:27
15.The Paddock/Fanfares [Unused Cue]2:34
16.Call To The Gate0:14
17.Flashback [Original Version - Unused Cue]0:48
18.Flashback & Winner’s Circle1:51
19.Horse Statue II0:29
20.End Credits3:02
# Pista   Duración
CD3 - The Original 1979 United Artists Soundtrack Album
1.Theme From The Black Stallion2:27
2.The Island3:22
3.Cobra Death1:44
4.First Feeding2:07
5.The Black Stallion0:41
6.Playing Tag & Magnificent Horse2:32
7.The Legend1:10
9.The Ride2:26
10.The Rescue3:51
11.Dad’s Glove And Watch2:35
12.Chase Through Town2:18
13.In Training1:53
15.Flashback & Winner’s Circle1:28
16.Reprise- Theme From The Black Stallion2:27
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