The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles - Volume 3

Serie de TV/Telefilme | Fecha de estreno: 22/06/1993 | Medio: CD
Colosseum (4005939540128), Varèse Sarabande (0030206540123)


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# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
Indiana Jones and the Scandal of 1920
1.Rhapsody in Blue - Travelling to New York Joel McNeely2:40
2.Scandal Walk George Gershwin1:28
3.Kate the Poet Joel McNeely4:01
4.Rehearsal Montage Joel McNeely1:05
5.Harlem Dance, Beachball Dance, Clamshell Ballet and the Tap Dance Finale Joel McNeely1:12
6.Meeting Peggy - New York Arrival Joel McNeely3:06
7.Somebody Loves Me Joel McNeely1:14
8.Sounds Like Perfection to Me Joel McNeely0:57
9.Gloria's Grand Entrance - The Penthouse Tango - Rhapsody in Blue Joel McNeely2:32
10.Tum on and Tiss Me George Gershwin2:25
11.Backstage at the Scandals Joel McNeely1:05
12.A Poem for Indy Joel McNeely1:51
13.Swanee George Gershwin & Irving Ceasar1:38
14.The Tap Dance Rehearsal Joel McNeely0:44
15.She's Wonderful, Too Joel McNeely0:44
Indiana Jones and the Mystery of the Blues
16.Sweetie Dear Joe Jordan2:33
17.My Handy Man Ethal Walters & James P Johnson3:02
18.Warehouse Battle Joel McNeely6:33
19.12th Street Rag Euday Bowman & Andy Razaf3:02
20.Blue Horizon Sidney Bechet3:00
21.Corrupt Police Joel McNeely1:41
22.I'm a Little Blackbird George Meyer, Arthur Johnson, Roy Turk & Grant Clark3:21
23.I Can'e Believe You're in Love with Me C Gaskill & W McHugh1:25
24.Tiger Rag Harry DaCosta & The Original Dixieland Jazz Band2:27
25.Twinkle Dixie Traditional0:53
Princeton 1916
26.Princeton Days Laurence Rosenthal5:07
27.Tom Swift and His Electric Runabout Laurence Rosenthal7:01
28.The Senior Prom Laurence Rosenthal2:46
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