CHiP's Volume 3
Season Four: 1980-81

Serie de TV/Telefilme | Fecha de estreno: 25/08/2010 | Estreno de película: 1980 | Medio: CD
Film Score Monthly (0638558029220)
Edición limitada: 3000 copias


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# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
1.Main Title Alan Silvestri, John Parker1:17
To Your Health
2.Late Night Snack / Not All the Way / Tie Rod3:39
3.You’ll Find Out / Would You Believe2:11
4.Escort / Rescue5:09
5.Bumper Alan Silvestri, John Parker0:07
Go-Cart Terror
6.The Cops2:06
7.The Owner / Loaded Up4:03
Home Fires Burning
8.The Team3:27
9.Taking a Nap / Step Aside / More Fire4:43
10.Will Assist / Sinking3:54
11.Bad Boat / Playtime / Just Kidding3:48
12.Sharks / Disappear5:38
Ponch's Angels
13.What Truck / Arms in the Air3:09
14.Pile Up / Accident3:29
15.Let’s Roll / I See ’Em3:27
16.You Blew It / Let’s Do It / Freeze / Testify3:37
New Guy in Town
17.Backup / Go for It3:48
The Hawk and the Hunter
18.Late Model / He’s Here6:21
Mitchell & Woods
19.Main Title / Let’s Get Him4:02
20.Dials / Excuse Me, Sir / Mustang / Hey Mister4:34
Dead Man's Riddle
21.Let’s Race / Run By / I’m Sorry / Hold It3:48
A Simple Operation
22.The Rabbit/Get It2:03
23.End Title Alan Silvestri, John Parker0:28
Manda tu crítica


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