Gone With The Wind: The Essential Max Steiner Film Music Collection

Película | Fecha de lanzamiento: 2001 | Medio: CD
Silva America (0738572035129)


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# Pista   Duración
1.King Kong, Overture4:03
2.A Distant Trumpet, Prelude1:24
3.The Adventures Of Don Juan, Suite7:54
4.Parrish, Main Title1:43
5.The Flame And The Arrow, Suite Warner Brothers' Fanfare / Main Title / Patriots / Entering Lombardy / Mountain Attack / Dardo and the Lady Anne / Finale8:57
6.Now Voyager, First Love Scene3:02
7.The Caine Mutiny, March2:29
8.Ice Palace, Suite Main Title &10:22
9.Life With Father, Fanfare / Main Title2:06
10.The Hanging Tree, Suite The Arrival of Doctor Joe Frail and the Mining Camp / The Squaw / Sluice Robber / Chasing Rune / Removing the Bandages7:04
11.The Treasure Of Sierra Madre, Overture3:23
12.Casablanca, Suite Prelude / Rick's Bar / Paris / The Airport / The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship5:10
13.The Charge Of The Light Brigade, Forward The Light Brigade2:27
# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
1.The Adventures of Don JuanSuite7:54
2.ParrishMain Title1:43
3.The Flame and the ArrowSuite8:57
4.Now VoyagerFirst Love Scene3:02
5.The Caine MutinyMarch2:29
6.Ice PalaceSuite10:22
7.Life With FatherFanfare / Main Title2:06
8.The Hanging TreeSuite7:04
9.The Treasure of the Sierra MadreOverture3:23
11.The Charge of the Light BrigadeForward The Light Brigade2:27
12.The Adventures of Mark TwainOverture7:42
13.Spencer's MountainMain Title2:04
14.The SearchersSuite7:21
15.Mildred PierceFanfare / Main Title2:00
16.Seargent YorkOverture5:43
17.A Summer PlaceMain Title2:07
18.A Summer PlaceTheme (Young Love)2:15
19.The Dark at the Top of the StairsSuite7:14
20.The FBI StoryMain Title1:25
21.Johnny BelindaSuite7:42
22.Gone With The WindPrelude / Tara / Mammy6:35
23.Gone With The WindThe Fall of the South2:19
24.Gone With The WindRhett's Leaving / Melanie's Dream / Finale5:21
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