Varèse Sarabande - A 30th Anniversary Celebration

Película | Fecha de lanzamiento: 2008 | Medio: CD, Descarga
Colosseum (4005939690021), Varèse Sarabande (0030206690026)


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# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
1.Peter Pan - FlyingJames Newton Howard3:34
2.Elf - Buddy’s JourneyJohn Debney2:37
3.Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium - FinaleAlexandre Desplat / Aaron Zigman2:40
4.Taken - Main TitleLaura Karpman1:02
5.Robots - Robots OvertureJohn Powell4:05
6.Looney Tunes: Back In Action - Car TroubleJerry Goldsmith3:46
7.Wallace and Gromit: THE CURSE OF THE WERE-RABBIT - A Grand Day OutJulian Nott1:55
8.Flicka - Main TitleAaron Zigman1:49
9.Racing Stripes - The Big RaceMark Isham7:20
10.We Are Marshall - Theme From “We Are Marshall”Christophe Beck3:14
11.Being Julia - Curtain It Up / The Real WorldMychael Danna2:47
12.Nicholas Nickleby - Main TitlesRachel Portman5:37
13.Nanny McPhee - Snow In AugustPatrick Doyle7:02
14.Shrek 2 - Prince CharmingHarry Gregson-Williams2:04
15.The Ant Bully - Sweet RockJohn Debney3:23
16.The Astronaut Farmer - Opening TitlesStuart Matthewman2:07
17.The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants - The Traveling SongCliff Eidelman3:18
18.The Pursuit of Happyness - OpeningAndrea Guerra3:10
19.The Holiday - MaestroHans Zimmer3:55
20.The Family Stone - It's SnowingMichael Giacchino5:10
21.The Great Raid - Closing TitlesTrevor Rabin4:29
# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
1.Sea of Dreams - Sea of DreamsLuis Bacalov2:39
2.Beat The Drum - The VillageKlaus Badelt / Ramin Djawadi5:31
3.Duma - Xan And Duma Say GoodbyeJohn Debney3:23
4.Blood Diamond - Solomon VandyJames Newton Howard2:11
5.The Quiet American - The Quiet AmericanCraig Armstrong5:58
6.The Gospel of John - Follow MeJeff Danna4:35
7.Water - House of WindowsMychael Danna5:20
8.Partition - PartitionBrian Tyler2:54
9.As You Like It - Violin RomancePatrick Doyle5:05
10.Nomad - Kazakhstan 1710Carlo Siliotto2:55
11.Lost - Parting WordsMichael Giacchino5:32
12.United 93 - DedicationJohn Powell3:53
13.Beyond Borders - Chechnya IVJames Horner6:11
14.Goodbye Bafana - The HarbourDario Marianelli3:45
15.Flight of the Phoenix - Heat DreamMarco Beltrami4:23
16.Carnivale - Carnivàle End Title (Ben’s Theme)Jeff Beal1:05
17.Out of Time - Out Of Time ThemeGraeme Revell4:10
18.Tears of The Sun - The Journey / Kopano Part IIIHans Zimmer8:19
# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
1.The Good German - Unrecht Oder Recht (Main Title)Thomas Newman2:27
2.Firewall - FirewallAlexandre Desplat3:18
3.Rush Hour 3 - Parachute DownLalo Schifrin2:14
4.Annapolis - ShowdownBrian Tyler5:48
5.Flyboys - HeroesTrevor Rabin4:33
6.Stealth - Main TitleBT4:14
7.The Bourne Supremacy - Bim Bam SmashJohn Powell5:09
8.Grindhouse: Planet Terror - Grindhouse (Main Titles)Robert Rodriguez3:32
9.Hellboy - Main TitleMarco Beltrami1:08
10.Ghostrider - GhostriderChristopher Young3:17
11.Serenity - End CreditsDavid Newman1:38
12.The Kingdom - WaitingDanny Elfman2:21
13.Sin City - Sin City End TitlesRobert Rodriguez3:17
14.The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift - The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo DriftBrian Tyler7:52
15.S.W.A.T:- Bullet Frenzy IIElliot Goldenthal1:40
16.M.i:III - Schifrin and VariationsMichael Giacchino3:06
17.Fantastic Four - Main Titles John Ottman2:35
18.Stargate: Atlantis - Main TitleJoel Goldsmith1:06
19.Star Trek Nemesis - Final FightJerry Goldsmith3:48
20.Night At The Museum - Night At The MuseumAlan Silvestri2:37
21.X-Men: The Last Stand - The Last StandJohn Powell5:21
22.Evan Almighty - The FloodJohn Debney6:58
# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
1.Four Brothers - Four BrothersDavid Arnold2:45
2.Inside Man - Good And ReadyTerence Blanchard2:20
3.24 - Main Title (Orchestral Videogame Version)Sean Callery4:40
4.American Gangster - Frank LucasMarc Streitenfeld2:42
5.Zodiac - Graysmith’s ThemeDavid Shire2:27
6.Breach - Dangerous WorldMychael Danna4:37
7.Million Dollar Baby - Blue Morgan (End Credits)Clint Eastwood4:32
8.An Unfinished Life - Main TitleDeborah Lurie3:28
9.The Lives of Others - The Invisible FrontGabriel Yared / Stephane Moucha2:41
10.All The Kings Men - Give Me The Hammer And I’ll Nail ’Em UP!James Horner5:56
11.Lions for Lambs - Last Shift Mark Isham4:59
12.House of Sand and Fog - The Waves Of The Caspian SeaJames Horner4:03
13.Sylvia - OpeningGabriel Yared2:28
14.Hostel II - SuiteNathan Barr6:34
15.The Grudge 2 - Ju-On 2Christopher Young2:54
16.The Reaping - The BoyJohn Frizzell4:46
17.Gothika - Miranda’s ThemeJohn Ottman1:50
18.1408 - Fire!Gabriel Yared4:44
19.I Know Who Killed Me - Prelude / ReunitedJoel McNeely3:20
20.The Day After Tomorrow - The Day After Tomorrow Harald Kloser3:29
21.I, Robot - I, Robot Theme (End Credits)Marco Beltrami3:17
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