2016Boyka: Undisputed IV
2015Close Range
2015The Perfect Physique
2014Courage Is Contagious
2013SS United States: Made in America
2011Saints Alive! (series)
2011John Delaney Died Last Night
2010Cool Dog (video)
2009Feast III: The Happy Finish (video)
2009Lies & Illusions
2009The Intervention
2009Direct Contact
2009Corso: The Last Beat
2008SS United States: Lady in Waiting (Televisión)
2008Feast II: Sloppy Seconds (video)
2008Shark in Venice
2007Finding Rin Tin Tin
2007The Neighbor
2006Mercenary for Justice (video)
2006Undisputed II: Last Man Standing
2005Today You Die (video)
2005Target of Opportunity
2005Raging Sharks (video)
2004Shadow of Fear
2003Audrey's Rain (Televisión)
2003Marines (video)
2003Girls Will Be Girls
2003Monster Makers (Televisión)
2003Special Forces (video)
2003A Life for a Life
2002No Sleep 'til Madison
2002Shattered Lies
2002Hard Cash
2002Hellraiser: Hellseeker (video)
2001The Substitute: Failure Is Not an Option (video)
2001Two Grey Hills
2001Children of the Corn: Revelation (video)
2001Liberty, Maine
2001The Grimm Cycle
2001The Oscar Legacy
2001U.S. Seals II (video)
2000Never Look Back
200075 Degrees in July
2000Luck of the Draw
2000Sacrifice (Televisión)
2000Strike Zone (video)
2000Cowboys and Angels
2000Growing Up Brady (Televisión)
1999K-911 (video)
1999Heaven or Vegas
1999Justice (Televisión)
1999The Secret Path (Televisión)
1999BitterSweet (video)
1999Cold Harvest (video)
1999Out in Fifty
1999Pop & Me
1999Bridge of Dragons
1998Blood on Her Hands (Televisión)
1998Rough Draft
1998Point Blank
1998The Patriot
1998Applewood 911 (Televisión)
1998Fifteen and Pregnant (Televisión)
1998McCinsey's Island
1997High Voltage
1997True Vengeance (video)
1996Bloodsport III (video)
1996L.A. Heat (series)
1996Bloodsport 2
1996Blossom Time
1995Project Shadowchaser III (video)
1995The Conspiracy of Fear (video)
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1995Illegal in Blue (video)
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1994Jing wu ying xiong
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1993Tai ji: Zhang San Feng
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