The Black Cauldron

Intrada Walt Disney (0050087279097)
Movie | Release date: 04/03/2012 | Film release: 1985 | Format: CD

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# Track   Duration
2.Dalben And The Warrior3:56
3.A Special Pig And A Vision2:46
7.Belly Good1:08
8.The Horned King1:23
9.A Second Vision2:21
10.First Chase1:36
12.Rats And Tombs2:21
14.Second Chase4:02
15.In The Forest1:27
21.The Deal0:57
25.Cauldron Born3:32
28.He's Gone2:01
29.Bubble Up0:43
31.Gurgi Lives2:07
32.End Titles4:00
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At last! Treat for Elmer Bernstein fans, Disney soundtrack fans and lovers of great film music in general! World premiere of Elmer Bernstein's actual soundtrack for Walt Disney Pictures animation fantasy, directed by Ted Berman, Richard Rich. Not to be confused with roughly half hour of re-recorded highlights done by composer in Utah, new Disney/Intrada release offers all 75 minutes of music in dynamic stereo from actual multi-track soundtrack scoring session masters, lovingly produced by Disney's Randy Thornton. Bernstein offers wall-to-wall music for ambitious tale of young hero battling evil Horned King with titular cauldron at heart of conflict. Massive score plays as part of composer's high profile eighties animation/fantasy/sci-fi canon that includes HEAVY METAL, SATURN 3, GHOSTBUSTERS, SLIPSTREAM, SPACEHUNTER. Numerous themes populate florid score, colorful orchestrations abound. Spotlight splits between animated ideas for characters, thundering action they encounter. CD packaging sports beautiful cover painting of cauldron, liner notes by Jeff Bond & producer Thornton plus gorgeous full color shots of theatrical poster, detailed animation scenes, composer Bernstein at scoring sessions. Exciting entry in Disney/Intrada on-going series of classic soundtracks restored from the Disney vaults. Elmer Bernstein conducts.

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