(Princess Mononoke)
Princess Mononoke

Movie | Release date: 07/02/1997 | Format: CD
Studio Ghibli Records (4988008367331)

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.The Legend Of Ashitaka1:39
2.The Demon God3:48
3.The Journey To The West2:33
4.The Demon Power0:34
5.The Land Of The Impure3:00
6.The Encounter0:50
8.The Forest Of The Gods0:39
9.Evening At The Ironworks0:39
10.The Demon God II - The Lost Mountains0:57
11.Lady Eboshi2:48
12.The Tatara Women Work Song1:27
13.The Furies1:28
14.The Young Man From The East 1:25
16.Will To Live0:30
17.San And Ashitaka In The Forest Of The Deer God1:39
18.Princess Mononoke Theme Song (Instrumental Version)2:08
19.Requiem II 3:12
20.Princess Mononoke Theme SongYoshikazu Mera2:30
21.The Battle Drums2:45
22.The Battle In Front Of The Ironworks1:26
23.The Demon Power II2:30
24.Requiem III0:54
25.The Retreat1:30
26.The Demon God III1:13
27.Adagio Of Life And Death2:08
28.The World Of The Dead1:28
29.The World Of The Dead II1:33
30.Adagio Of Life And Death II1:05
31.Ashitaka And San3:10
32.Princess Mononoke Theme Song Yoshikazu Mera1:23
33.The Legend Of Ashitaka Theme (End Credits)5:03
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