Into the West

TV Series/TV film | Release date: 06/18/2013 | Film release: 2005 | Format: CD, Download
La-La Land Records (0826924125823), La-La Land Records (9992006092657)
Limited edition: 3000 copies

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# Track   Duration
1.Into the West1:37
2.Buffalo Run0:53
3.Growling Bear's Vision1:31
5.Hunting the Buffalo3:09
6.The Path of Old Tradition1:42
7.Jacob Joins Jedediah Smith1:01
8.The Beauty of the American Frontier0:47
10.Growling Bear Appears3:15
11.Shootout With Johnny Fox2:06
12.Meteor Shower0:58
13.Jacob and Thunder Heart Woman3:40
14.Much to Learn From Each Other1:24
15.The Wheel and the Sunset1:59
16.Naming Jacob's Baby0:54
17.The Lakota, a Peaceful Nation1:09
18.Leah Drowns1:57
21.Crossing the River1:20
22.The Arduous Climb2:25
23.Leaving Jacob Behind1:54
24.Running Fox Returns to Dogstar2:38
# Track   Duration
1.Dreams and Schemes0:29
2.Gold Fever3:54
3.The Mother Lode1:32
4.San Francisco 18501:25
5.Gathering of Nations2:11
6.Drowning Jethro3:08
7.Quantrill’s Raiders4:50
9.The Sand Creek Massacre4:56
10.Aftermath at Sand Creek0:57
11.Jacob Jr.'s Letter Home1:04
12.The Transcontinental Railroad1:44
14.Preserving Lakota History1:17
15.An Uncertain Future2:13
16.Leaving the School1:35
17.Ghost Dance2:21
19.Margaret Light Shines With the Children1:51
20.Wheeler Reunion 18901:16
21.Seeing the Buffalo3:07
22.Merry Christmas1:23
23.In the Wake of Sitting Bull’s Death1:12
25.Caring for the Wounded2:00
26.After Wounded Knee3:00
27.The Tribe Moves On2:48
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