Lost: Season 3

TV Series/TV film | Released: 2008 | Film release: 2007 | Format: CD, Download
Colosseum (4005939689223), Varèse Sarabande (0030206689228)

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.In With a KABOOM!1:56
2.Main Title J.J. Abrams0:16
3.Awed and Shocked1:34
4.Fool Me Twice3:18
5.Pagoda of Shame2:02
6.The Island2:57
7.Eko of the Past2:45
8.Church of Eko’s0:58
9.Leggo My Eko3:12
10.Romancing the Cage1:48
11.Under the Knife4:18
12.Teaser Time2:52
13.Here Today, Gone to Maui4:53
14.Distraught Desmond3:36
15.Achara, Glad To See Me?2:25
16.Ocean’s Apart3:02
17.The Lone Hugo3:34
18.Fetch Your Arm2:24
19.Ain’t Talkin’ ’Bout Nothin’2:05
21.Claire-a Culpa5:21
22.A Touching Moment2:34
23.Sweet Exposé4:36
24.Storming Monster1:31
25.Heart of Thawyer1:51
26.Juliette is Lost1:28
27.Beach Blanket Bonding1:54
28.Rushin’ The Russian1:06
29.Deadly Fertility2:05
# Track   Duration
1.Paddle Jumper1:16
2.She’s Dynamite1:16
3.The Good, The Bad and the Ominous1:07
4.Charlie’s Fate2:58
5.Paddle Jumper Reprise2:12
6.Ta-Ta Charlie1:28
7.Heirloom Holiday1:21
8.Greatest Hits6:03
9.Flying High6:30
10.The Good Shepherd0:58
11.Manifesting Destiny0:40
12.The Looking Glass Ceiling3:30
13.Ex Marks the Jack2:10
14.Jintimidating Bernard2:42
15.Benomination of the Temple0:39
16.An Other Dark Agenda0:36
17.Kate Makes a Splash0:32
18.Diving Desmond0:47
19.Weapon of Mass Distraction0:50
20.The Fallen Hero0:26
21.Sticking To Their Guns0:58
22.Torture Me Not2:44
23.Through the Locke-ing Glass2:13
24.The Only Pebble In the Jungle1:31
25.Early Mourning Mystery1:54
26.Patchy At Best2:04
27.All Jack’ed Up0:12
28.Hold the Phone3:49
29.Code of Conduct1:42
30.Act Now, Regret Later5:11
31.Just What the Doctor Ordered1:24
32.Hurley’s Helping Hand1:06
33.Looking Glass Half Full4:16
34.JACK FM0:30
35.Naomi Phone Home4:01
36.Flash Forward Flashback4:16
37.End Title0:32
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